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Les Innocents Official
Chris Johnson
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Christopher Michale " Phsycho" Johnson  was  born  August , 8th, 1984  in Wheeling .WV . He is  a  unique person   Shy  yet  outspoken  at  times Foul mouthed  but easy  on  works . He started   playing  guitar  at  the  age  of 8 ,  the  drums  at  10 and singing by 13 . He  graduated  from Bellaire High  in   Ohio  in 2002 at  the  age  of 17  that  same  summer  he started playing  for  a Jrock band  by  the name of Aucifer  with amazing sucess in June 2003 the band broke up  due  to Recording  conflicts and  a lack of  material though  they  released 5 indie albums . In August  he  joined Autopilot off and  released " Make  a  sound "on Island Records but by dec 2004 the band called it  quits by kicking him out for what  was  called Legal Issues . No  real  reason  was  given for the  supposed Legal  action . He  then  got  engaged   in March 2005  but in June 2007 she left  him for unknown  reasons . This  sparked the inspiration he had been looking  for  to Start another band and  write  again . Thus  through  the turmoil he has written some of   his best  work in  years and  cannot waite  to unleash  his  new attitude and  style onto  the  world .