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Les Innocents Official
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Welcome to the official site of Les Innocents .. we're new and improved ...... we think

The Newest  Band To hit the streets ....we're comming..... to a Venue near you ...we hope....

Hey all this site is a tour into the sick and twisted world of LES INOCENTS we are a JRock/Punk band that had gone on hiatus for a long time but we're back and ready to show our Skittles ( or skills however you want to call it ) currently there is 1 man running the show and laying down the tracks ,but  you'll only get get to know him   in another section because well he hasn't had alot of time for photo oppertunitys , wanna know even more ? just contact Chris on yahoo ( mikel_lazaris) or contact him at the address below


Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: